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LGBTQ History Walking Tours

Join us on this fun and informative LGBTQ History Walking Tour! On this tour around Greenwich Village, we will visit historic sites where revolutions began, riots were sparked, and history was made. We will see common threads within the LGBTQ generations who have lived life in New York City, sharing their stories throughout the tour. On this tour, learn more about individual stories of queer activists, and the major political and social movements that have shaped the LGBTQ community over time. Sites include the historic Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, the NYC AIDS Memorial, and the LGBT Community Center.

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Drag Tour

Drag History Tours

Join us on this fun and informative Wig Walk - a Drag History Tour of NYC’s most iconic drag history landmarks! This tour will share stories of New York City’s drag queens, while discussing ways that drag has helped to inform the ways we understand queerness, art, and identity today. Sites include the historic Washington Square Park, Stonewall Inn, the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and Cowgirl NYC. Tour is approximately 2 hours in length and will cover 1.5 miles of Greenwich Village. Included in each registration is one beverage and one snack.

Tour is currently available by request only. Please contact us to schedule this tour!


LGBTQ History Bar Tours

Go back in time on this “Drunk History” tour, where you can raise a glass in three iconic gay bars in Greenwich Village! We will start at one of the oldest gay bars in New York City, a thriving spot then and now. Next, we will take a stop at “the Birth of the Gay Rights Movement” and talk about the impact of the shot glass heard around the world. We will end at the “#1 Lesbian Bar in the U.S.” Tour is approximately 3 hours and will cover 1 mile of the Greenwich Village.

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private Group tours

For schools, organizations, or groups of 10 or more

Groups can request private group tours for either our LGBTQ History Walking Tour or our LGBTQ History Bar Tour. Tours are scheduled based on tour guide and tour group availability.

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Free tours for LGBTQ Youth

In alignment with our mission to make LGBTQ history accessible to all folks, we offer free LGBTQ history tours for all LGBTQ youth under the age of 21. This includes individual youth, as well as LGBTQ youth groups.

If you are an LGBTQ youth who would like to tour with us, please contact us for a free registration code. If you are organizing a group of LGBTQ youth, you can also contact us to determine the best time for your and your group to join us, based on availability.

Audio Tour

Join Christopher Street Tours on this fun and informative LGBTQ History Audio Walking Tour! In this slightly condensed version of our full in-person walking tour, we will stop along the main sites of LGBTQ history around Greenwich Village, including the historic Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, the NYC AIDS Memorial, and the LGBT Community Center. Recording is approximately one hour in length and will cover one mile of the Greenwich Village.

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